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A. Regulations of General Application.

1. The location, design, and management of all shoreline uses and activities shall not degrade the quality and quantity of surface and groundwater on the site and adjacent to the site. All federal and state water quality and effluent standards shall be met.

2. All shoreline uses and activities shall be located and designed in a manner that ensures no net loss of shoreline ecological functions and minimizes adverse impacts to natural shoreline resources, wildlife habitat, and fish and other aquatic habitat. All development on the shoreline, impacting shoreline ecological functions, shall be mitigated according to the mitigation sequence established in WAC 173-26-201(2)(e).

3. Where specific regulations for a proposed use or activity are not provided in the Zoning Code, uses and activities shall utilize best management practices to minimize any adverse impacts to water quality and natural shoreline resources.

4. Disruption of natural shoreline resources, including clearing and grading, tree removal, and erosion protection, shall be the minimum necessary to accommodate the permitted use or activity.

5. In evaluating permit applications for proposed uses and activities within the shoreline, the City shall give due consideration to the long-term and regional effects of the proposal on natural shoreline resources and the ability of future generations to enjoy and use the shoreline.

6. New development should be located and designed to avoid the need for future shoreline stabilization to the extent feasible.

7. Where the provisions of the Zoning Code conflict, the more restrictive of the provisions shall apply unless specifically stated otherwise.

Effective on: 4/16/2011