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This chapter is established for the following purposes:

A. To fulfill the goals of the Growth Management Act by preserving cultural resources including sites, objects, structures, artifacts, implements, and locations that have historical or archaeological significance (RCW 27.53.040).

B. To preserve, maintain, and enhance sites, objects, structures, artifacts, implements, and locations of prehistorical or archaeological interest, whether previously recorded or unrecognized, that serve as visible reminders of Redmond’s social, architectural, geographic, ethnic, cultural, engineering, and economic history in a manner consistent RCW 27.53 Archaeological Sites and Resources and with the National Park Service’s Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties.

C. To protect Redmond’s unique community identity and character.

D. To ensure the feasibility of economic use and continued utilization of historic buildings.

E. To contribute to the economic vitality of the Downtown by encouraging maintenance and rehabilitation of existing properties of historic significance.

F. To provide guidance for land use decisions affecting historic properties and properties with archaeological significance.

G. To provide guidance for historic landmark designation. (Ord. 2982)

Effective on: 1/2/2020