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The following statutes of the State of Washington are adopted by reference:

RCW 9.03.010    Abandoning, discarding, refrigeration equipment

RCW 9.03.020    Permitting unused equipment to remain on premises

RCW 9.03.030    Violation of RCW 9.03.010 or 9.03.020

RCW 9.03.040    Keeping or storing equipment for sale

RCW 9.91.010    Denial of Civil Rights – Terms Defined

RCW 9.91.020    Operating Railroad, Steamboat, Vehicle, etc., While Intoxicated

RCW 9.91.025    Unlawful Bus Conduct

RCW 9.91.110    Meal buyers – Records of Purchases – Penalty

RCW 9A.61.010    Definitions

RCW 9A.61.020    Defrauding a Public Utility

RCW 9A.61.050    Defrauding a Public Utility in the Third Degree

RCW 9A.61.060    Restitution and Costs utility (Ord. 1544 § 2, 1990: Ord. 1244 § 4 (part), 1985).