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A. The design, construction, and maintenance of all clearing, grading and stormwater management systems and facilities shall comply with the requirements and design standards contained in all the following documents:

1. This chapter.

2. Repealed by Ord. 2860.

3. Repealed by Ord. 2860.

4. The Redmond Stormwater Technical Notebook, which locally adopts and modifies the Washington State Department of Ecology 2019 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington, (“2019 SWMMWW” for the remainder of this chapter), or its successor.

5. Redmond Standard Specifications and Details.

6. The 2019 SWMMWW.

B. The Public Works Director shall prepare and shall adopt construction specifications and details, along with design standards for clearing, grading, and stormwater management, as described in the Redmond Stormwater Technical Notebook. The objective of the standards, details, and specifications shall be to control the quantity and quality of stormwater produced by development and redevelopment in the City to minimize downstream impacts and protect receiving waters. The Public Works Director has the authority to make changes as local conditions warrant. The specifications, design details, Redmond Stormwater Technical Notebook, and any changes shall be made available to the public. A fee set by the Public Works Director may be charged for these documents.

C. In the case of conflicts between the documents listed in subsection A of this section, conflicts shall be resolved by applying the following order of precedence:

1. This chapter;

2. The Redmond Stormwater Technical Notebook;

3. Redmond Standard Specifications and Details;

4. The 2019 SWMMWW. (Ord. 3081 § 2, 2022; Ord. 2860 § 3 (part), 2016: Ord. 2532 § 2 (part), 2010: Ord. 2218 § 1, 2004).