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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 14 Electric power franchise of Puget Sound Traction, Light and Power Co. Expired
Ord. 13 Assessment and collection of taxes Repealed by 465
Ord. 12 Liquor sales Repealed by 1244
Ord. 11 Regulating vehicles Repealed by 465
Ord. 10 Amends Ord. 2, council meetings Repealed by 465
Ord. 9 Violation of public peace and welfare Repealed by 761
Ord. 8 Horses and mules, fines, fees, sale of, proceeds Repealed by 1704
Ord. 7 Dog licensing, fines Repealed by 90
Ord. 6 Demands, issuance, payment of warrants Repealed by 465
Ord. 5 Current expense fund 1913 Codified
Ord. 4 Standing committees of city council Repealed by 635
Ord. 3 Salaries of clerk, police justice, marshal Special
Ord. 2 Council meetings Repealed by 53
Ord. 1 Liquor license, bond, forfeiture Repealed by 465