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Citation to the Redmond Zoning Code

This code should be cited as RZC; i.e., “see RZC 21.04.010.” An RZC chapter should be cited RZC Chapter 21.04. An RZC section should be cited RZC 21.04.010. Through references should be made as RZC 21.08.150 through 21.08.210. Series of sections should be cited as RZC 21.08.220, 21.08.270, and 21.08.310.

Numbering system

The Zoning Code contains 40 chapters spread over seven articles. Article I relates to zone based regulations; Article II relates to citywide regulations; Article III is design standards; Article IV is environmental regulations; Article V is land divisions; Article VI is review procedures; Article VII is definitions. There are also eleven appendices. Tables following the appendices provide a list of relevant statutory references; a state code citation table indicating sections where state codes are cited; and an enactment table listing ordinances codified in the RZC.

Numbering scheme

The numbering scheme used in the Redmond Zoning Code operates in the following manner:


The legislative source of each section is enclosed in parentheses at the end of the section. References to ordinances are abbreviated; thus (Ord. 2652; Ord. 2709; Ord. 2733; Ord. 2753; Ord. 2803). “Formerly” followed by a RZC citation preserves the record of original codification. A semicolon between ordinance citations indicates an amendment of the earlier section.

Codification tables

To convert an ordinance citation to its RZC number consult the enactment table following the appendices.

Errors or omissions

Although considerable care has been used in the production of this code, it is inevitable in so large a work that there will be errors. As users of this code detect such errors, it is requested that a note citing the section involved and the nature of the error be emailed to: so that correction may be made in a subsequent update.

Computer access

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