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Appendix 6. Extraordinary Notice Requirements
This appendix is included in your selections.

When required per RZC 21.76.080, Notices, extraordinary notice shall be provided in accordance with the following:

A. Sign Size and Placement. Each sign shall be four feet by eight feet in size, placed no closer than five feet from the right-of-way, visible from each public street on which the subject property has frontage, and placed outside the sight distance triangle.

B. Content of Notice. Signs shall be prepared using templates or attachable letters. Hand-lettered signs are not acceptable. The required sign shall include (see illustration):

1. The title “Notice of Land Use Application”;

2. A graphic or written description of the site boundaries;

3. Type of action/application (i.e., conditional use, master planned development, etc.);

4. The date of public hearing;

5. The name and telephone number of the Department of Planning and Community Development;

6. City of Redmond logo;

7. Other information as the Administrator may determine to be necessary to adequately notify the public of the pending land use application.

C. Responsibility for Installation and Removal.

1. The applicant shall be solely responsible for the construction, installation, and removal of the sign(s) and the associated costs.

2. The sign(s) shall be erected at least 21 days prior to the public hearing. The applicant shall sign an affidavit, stating that the sign(s) were installed and the date and posting of property.

3. The sign(s) shall be removed immediately following final action by the decision maker.

4. If the sign is removed prior to the decision maker’s final action, the applicant is responsible for immediate replacement of the sign.

Proposed Land Use Action

Proposed Land Use Action

Effective on: 4/16/2011