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A. A short- or long-term temporary use permit for emergency shelter or emergency housing shall be valid for the duration of a state of emergency, per RCW 43.06.200, or as authorized by the Code Administrator based on the following criteria:

1. Siting and Spacing of Emergency Shelters and Emergency Housing. Emergency shelters and emergency housing shall be located no less than 1,000 feet from any established emergency shelters or emergency housing.

2. Density. Individual emergency shelters and emergency housing shall be limited to a maximum number of occupants based on the site or structure capacity to maintain health, safety, and welfare of the total of permanent residents, temporary residents, and operational staff.

3. Occupancy Agreement.

a. An occupancy agreement shall be established with the City prior to occupancy of an emergency shelters or emergency housing use:

i. Property owners and operators shall enter into an agreement with the City in a form that is acceptable to the City.

b. The occupancy agreement shall include but not be limited to the following:

i. Name and contact information for on-site staff.

ii. Description of the services to be provided on site.

iii. Description of the staffing including the following:

A. Number of staff supporting residents and operations;

B. Certification requirements;

C. Staff training programs;

D. Staff to client ratios; and

E. Roles and responsibilities of all staff.

iv. Operational rules and/or code of conduct describing occupant expectations and consequences for failing to comply. The code of conduct shall at a minimum address the following topics:

A. The use or sale of alcohol and illegal drugs;

B. Threatening or unsafe behavior; and

C. Weapon possession.

v. Safety and security plan reviewed and approved by the Redmond Police Department.

4. Notice of Application, Land Use Action Sign, Neighborhood Meeting, and Notification. The notice of application, land use action sign, neighborhood meeting, and mailed notice shall be waived for emergency shelters and emergency housing established in response to a state of emergency, per RCW 43.06.200, or as authorized by the Code Administrator. (Ord. 3059)

Effective on: 8/28/2021