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An antenna support structure or wireless communication facility shall be removed by the owner if operation of the same ceases for a period of 12 consecutive months or if the facility falls into disrepair and is not maintained. Disrepair includes structural features, paint, landscaping, or general lack of maintenance which could result in safety or visual impacts. Whenever a wireless communications facility ceases operation or falls into disrepair as provided in this section, the entire facility shall be removed, including but not limited to all antennas, antenna supports, feeder lines, equipment enclosures, all associated equipment, conduit, and the concrete pad upon which the structure is located. This requirement does not extend to the removal of a utility pole, light pole or miscellaneous pole. All permits issued for new antenna support structures and equipment enclosures under this chapter shall be conditioned upon removal as required in this section. (Ord. 2919; Ord. 2964)

Effective on: 4/27/2019