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A. Permits Required.

1. A Type I land use permit is required to locate or install any temporary Wireless Communication Facility (WCF) on private property within the City of Redmond unless specially exempted per RZC 21.56.020.B.6. See Table 21.76.070 Wireless Communication Facilities Review Process in RZC 21.76.

2. Except during a declared public emergency a lease agreement is required, consistent with RMC Chapter 12.14 Telecommunications to install any temporary WCF on City‐owned property within the City of Redmond. Temporary WCF’s are not permitted within public rights‐of‐way except for exempt facilities per RZC 21.56.020.B.7.

B. Temporary WCF’s shall only be allowed for:

1. The reconstruction of a permanent WCF and limited to a duration of 18 months from the date of approval unless an extension is requested at least 30 days prior to the expiration date; or

2. Large scale events and limited to the duration of the event, plus ten days prior to the event and ten days after; or

3. Emergency communications equipment during a declared public emergency.

C. Temporary WCF facilities shall be portable without a permanent foundation. Roof mounted Temporary WCF facilities shall comply with size requirements established for
Structure Mounted Facilities and ground mounted Temporary WCF facilities shall comply with size requirements for Antenna Support Structures as established in RZC 21.56.040, General Development Standards for Wireless Communication Facilities. (Ord. 2919; Ord. 2964)

Effective on: 4/27/2019