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A. Purpose. The purpose of this section is to ensure connectivity between the various neighborhoods of the City by providing facilities for the mobility and safety of pedestrians and nonmotorized conveyances.

B. Required Installation. As development occurs, sidewalks, bike lanes, multiuse paths, and trails shall be provided. Installation is required as a condition of development approval.

C. Location. Sidewalks, bike lanes, multiuse paths, and trails shall be provided in public rights-of-way or easements across private property that guarantee public access after consideration of the following factors:

1. Compliance with the Redmond Comprehensive Plan;

2. Need to improve access to public facilities;

3. Need to connect a development with trails;

4. Need for access between developments;

5. Compliance with the standards of RZC 21.52.030, Street and Access Standards;

6. Need for sidewalks on one or both sides of a street;

7. Compliance with RZC Appendix 2, Construction Specification and Design Standards for Streets and Access;

8. Compliance with RZC Chapter 21.10, Downtown Regulations; RZC Chapter 21.12, Overlake Regulations; and RZC Chapter 21.08, Residential Regulations; and

9. Provision and long-term maintenance of pedestrian mobility including the needs of the physically disabled.

D. Construction Specifications. Construction specifications and design details for sidewalks, bike lanes, multiuse paths, and trails shall be prepared by the Director of Public Works or incorporated in the Transportation Master Plan or the Parks, Arts, Recreation and Conservation Plan. (Ord. 2803; Ord. 3083)

Effective on: 7/2/2022