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A. Temporary uses will have different permit administration requirements depending on the duration of the temporary use as described below:


Permit Type

Short-Term or Seasonal

0 – 6 months

Type I2


6 – 18 months

Type II


18 – 60 months

Type V3


1Effective duration of a temporary use permit can be extended without necessitating additional permitting in the event of a manmade or natural disaster or emergency declaration which necessitates the extension of a previous approved temporary use permit.

2Temporary uses that occur seasonally on an annual basis may be processed over the counter upon the subsequent year’s renewal provided the first year’s business was processed under a Type I review and the proposal is substantially the same as the previous year.

3A long-term temporary use permit may be renewed; provided, that:

aThe permit renewal must be applied for in advance of the expiration of the original term;

bThe permit renewal shall follow the procedures for a Type V review pursuant to RZC 21.76.050.J;

cThe applicant shall pay a renewal fee equal to that prescribed by Council resolution for a new long-term temporary use permit;

dThe application for renewal meets the decision criteria outlined in RZC 21.46.030.A;

eThe renewal may be conditioned upon the construction or installation of such improvements that are necessary to serve the temporary use and to mitigate impacts of the temporary use, taking into account the duration of the use; and

fA long-term temporary use permit may be renewed for one or more additional two-year renewal terms if the conditions of this subsection are met at the time of such renewal.

B. Upon expiration of the initial term of a short- or long-term temporary use permit or upon the expiration of any renewal term of a temporary use permit:

1. The temporary use shall immediately cease; and

2. The property on which the use was located shall be restored as nearly as practicable to the state it was in prior to commencement of the temporary use. (Ord. 3083)

Effective on: 7/2/2022