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A. General Requirement. All setbacks, buffers, open spaces, pervious surfaces, plazas, parks, site and building entrances, pedestrian walkways, service areas, and parking lots shall be landscaped with plant materials. Existing vegetation may be maintained and applied toward this standard if the existing vegetation meets the landscaping requirements of this section, is healthy, and is likely to survive development. The requirements specified in RZC 21.32, Landscaping, shall apply except to the extent that they conflict with this section. In addition, supplemental landscaping requirements for all Marymoor Design District zones are defined below.

B. Plantings Along Streets. Planting strips along streets shall include street trees, stormwater infiltration facilities, or both, consistent with the adopted 2017 Marymoor Subarea Infrastructure Planning Report or its successor.  Street tree species shall be determined by the Planning and Parks Departments. Where space allows, planting areas should include other vegetation suitable for an urban setting.

C. Open Spaces and Plazas.

1. Plazas and common usable open spaces shall be landscaped to create visual interest by providing a variety of colors, heights, and forms of foliage; soften building edges; and reduce the impact of elements such as noise or wind

2. The quantity of trees, shrubs, and other plant materials shall be designed to meet the size and function of the plaza or open space. (Ord. 2883)

Effective on: 6/17/2017