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A. Purpose. The purpose of this division of the Zoning Code is to provide for:

1. The specific characteristics of residential development that may take place in Redmond;

2. A consistent and compatible residential land use pattern;

3. The residential housing needs of Redmond community members;

4. The public safety needs of Redmond community members.

B. Relationship to Building and Construction Codes. Compliance with the general residential requirements of this chapter does not relieve a unit owner from complying with any requirement set forth in RMC Title 15, Buildings and Construction. In the event of a conflict between the requirements in this chapter and the requirements of the City’s buildings and construction code, the most restrictive requirement shall apply.

C. Fractional Values. Whenever any calculation set forth in these regulations results in a fractional value, the fraction shall be rounded to the nearest whole number.

D. Permitted Uses in Zone Use Charts. Each zone use chart in RZC 21.08.020 through 21.08.140 lists the categories of land uses that may be permitted and any kind of conditional review process which may be required. (Ord. 3083)

Effective on: 7/2/2022