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A. Establishment of Zoning Map. The designation, location and boundaries of the zones established by RZC 21.04.010.A.2 are as shown and depicted on the Zoning Map(s) of the City, which shall be maintained as such and which are hereby incorporated by reference in this section and maintained on file in at the Redmond Development Services Center. Zoning for all land within the City of Redmond is established as shown on the Official Zoning Map.

Map 4.1: City of Redmond Zoning Map (34"x44")

B. Zoning Map Interpretation. Where uncertainty exists as to the location of any boundaries of the zones as shown in RZC 21.04.020, Zoning Map, the following rules shall apply:

1. Where boundaries are indicated as following approximately the centerline of the streets, alleys, highways, railroads or watercourses, the actual centerlines shall be considered the boundaries;

2. Where boundaries are indicated as following approximate lot lines and are map scaled at not more than 20 feet from the lines, the actual lot lines shall be considered the boundaries;

3. Where the land is not subdivided or where a zone boundary divides a lot, the boundary shall be determined by map scaling unless the actual dimensions are noted on the map;

4. Where boundaries are indicated as following lines of ordinary high water, government or meander line, the lines shall be considered to be the actual boundaries, and, if they should change, the boundaries shall be considered to move with them;

5. Where a public right-of-way is vacated, the vacated area shall have the zone classification of the adjoining property that it merges with;

6. Where an area with one owner is divided into more than one zone, each portion of the property shall have the zone designation indicated, unless subsection B.2 applies.

7. Where a single parcel is split between two zones and a portion of the parcel is zoned R-1 and contains critical areas, the outermost boundary of the critical area buffer shall be considered the boundary between the two zones.

C. Overlay Zones. Overlay zones impose restrictions on a specific geographic area within an existing zone. Property in the overlay zone remains subject to the restrictions and limitations of the underlying zone and the overlay regulations act to supplement but not replace the regulations of the underlying zone.

D. Concomitant Zoning Agreements and Development Agreements. Concomitant zoning agreements and development agreements impose conditions on the development of specific parcels, such as use restrictions, mitigation measures, and infrastructure requirements. Properties that are subject to concomitant zoning agreements or development agreements are indicated on the Official Zoning Map. Copies of such agreements may be obtained from the Planning Department.

E. Classification of Newly Annexed Territory. All newly annexed territory shall be designated Semi-Rural (RA-5) unless otherwise zoned. RA-5 zoning would remain in effect until RZC 21.04.020, Zoning Map, is amended and the annexed territory is classified in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan. All territory annexed to the City shall become subject to the regulations contained in the RZC.

F. Unclassified Property. All property not classified by RZC 21.04.020, Zoning Map, is designated RA-5 until the Zoning Map is amended in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan.

Effective on: 6/17/2017