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The conducting of any amusement game, bingo game, or raffle, as defined in this chapter, without a license or beyond the scope of a license as required under state law or the conduct of any gambling activity prohibited by this chapter, is declared a common nuisance and shall be subject to abatement by injunction or as otherwise provided by law. All gambling devices in such cases are common nuisances and shall be subject to seizure immediately upon detection and to confiscation and destruction by order of a superior court or district court, except when in the possession of officers enforcing this chapter. No property right in any such gambling device shall exist or be recognized in any person, except the possessory right of officers in enforcing this chapter. (Ord. 1956 § 1, 1997; Ord. 1244 § 2 (part), 1985: Ord. 666 § 5, 1974).