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A. The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to:

1. Any instrumentality of the United States, the State of Washington, or political subdivision thereof with respect to the exercise of governmental functions;

2. Any farmer, gardener, or other person who sells, delivers or peddles any fruits, vegetables, berries, butter, eggs, fish, milk, poultry, meat or any farm produce or edibles raised, caught, produced or manufactured by such person in the State;

3. Repealed by Ord. 2546;

4. Any apartment or condominium, residential rental or leasing activity which does not involve more than four residential units at any one location within the City; provided, that if any such single rental property includes five or more separate dwelling units the person offering such a property for rent must obtain a business license as otherwise required by this chapter;

5. Any insurance producer who represents insurance companies or sells insurance to the public and is properly licensed by the State;

6. Newspaper carriers under the age of 18;

7. Any person, business, enterprise, firm, or corporation which the City is forbidden to license or tax under State or Federal law;

8. Businesses that do not engage in other business activities within the City limits but are merely complying with destination-based sourcing rules as outlined in the National Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) Agreement; or

9. Community special events that are sponsored by the City and that are open to the public without the payment of an admission fee are exempt from the requirement to obtain a business license. In addition, no business license shall be required for dealers, vendors, entertainers, instructors, and others with whom the City or any co-sponsor contracts to provide goods or services at the event. As used in this subsection, “community special event” means the following events sponsored or co-sponsored by the City: Derby Days, Redmond Lights, Health Fair, Redmond Bike Bash, City of Redmond Poet Laureate, So Bazaar Night Market, Artist-in-Residence, Welcoming Week and the Redmond Senior Center Outdoor Music Series.

Additional City-sponsored community special events that are open to the public without the payment of an admission fee may be added to this list with approval of the event-sponsoring department and the Finance Director. The City Council will be notified of changes to the list of free City-sponsored community events.

10. If a person, or its employee, agent, representative, independent contractor, broker or another acting on the person’s behalf, engages in no other activities in or with the City but the following, it need not register and obtain a business license:

a. Meeting with suppliers of goods and services as a customer.

b. Meeting with government representatives in their official capacity, other than those performing contracting or purchasing functions.

c. Attending meetings, such as board meetings, retreats, seminars, and conferences, or other meetings wherein the person does not provide training in connection with tangible personal property sold by the person or on its behalf. This provision does not apply to any board of directors member or attendee engaging in business such as a member of a board of directors who attends a board meeting.

d. Renting tangible or intangible property as a customer when the property is not used in the City.

e. Attending, but not participating in a “trade show” or “multiple vendor events.” Persons participating at a trade show shall review the City’s trade show or multiple vendor event ordinances.

f. Conducting advertising through the mail.

g. Soliciting sales by phone from a location outside the City.

11. A seller located outside the City merely delivering goods into the City by means of common carrier is not required to register and obtain a business license; provided, that it engages in no other business activities in the City. Such activities do not include those in subsection A.10 of this section. (Ord. 3033 § 14, 2021; Ord. 2940 § 6, 2018: Ord. 2770 § 5, 2014: Ord. 2605 § 4, 2011; Ord. 2546 § 2 (part), 2010: Ord. 2401 § 4, 2008: Ord. 2238 § 1 (part), 2004: Ord. 1953 § 2, 1997; Ord. 1924 § 1, 1996).