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The Design Review Board shall adopt rules for the transaction of its business. The rules shall provide for but are not to be limited to the date, time, place and format of regular meetings. Provision shall be made for a record of proceedings, reports, studies, findings, conclusions and recommendations. Said rules shall provide for the election of a Chairman of the Board and Vice Chairman for a one-year term each. Said rules shall provide that the meetings of the Board shall be open to the public but that no special notice of the meetings need be given nor shall such meetings be public hearings although nothing shall prohibit the Board from soliciting explanations and additional input from the applicant or applicant’s representatives and such other sources as the Board deems necessary to enable it to complete its review of the application. Rules of the Design Review Board shall be approved by the City Council and kept on file with the Planning Department. (Ord. 2588 § 2 (part), 2011).