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A. Variances are permissions granted through the City’s variance process in accordance with Redmond Zoning Code Section 21.76.070(AB)(3), Variances. Variances under this title apply only to RMC 15.24.080.C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and K. The criteria for approving a variance requested under this title shall include the decision criteria contained in Redmond Zoning Code Section 21.76.070(AB)(3), Decision Criteria, together with the following criteria:

1. The variance may be granted by the City only when meeting the applicable standards would impose a severe and unexpected economic hardship.

2. The variance will not increase the risk to the public health and welfare, nor be injurious to other properties in the vicinity of and/or downstream or to the quality of waters of the state.

3. The variance is the least possible deviation that could be granted to comply with the intent of the Minimum Requirements detailed in the Redmond Stormwater Technical Notebook.

B. The application for a variance shall include written documentation addressing the decision criteria above and written documentation addressing the following topics:

1. The current (pre-project) use of the site, and

2. How the application of Minimum Requirements restricts the proposed use of the site compared to restrictions that existed prior to adoption of the Minimum Requirements (October 1, 2004), and

3. The possible remaining uses of the site if the variance were not granted by the City, and

4. The uses of the site that would have been allowed prior to the City’s adoption of Minimum Requirements, and

5. A comparison of the estimated amount and percentage of value loss resulting from meeting the Minimum Requirements, and

6. The feasibility to alter the project so that it meets the Minimum Requirements.

C. The City shall prepare written findings of fact that address each of the six items above and that address the variance criteria. The City shall publish legal public notice of an application that requests a variance under this title and shall publish legal notice of the City’s decision on the application. (Ord. 3081 § 2, 2022; Ord. 2860 § 3 (part), 2016: Ord. 2596 § 2 (part), 2011; Ord. 2532 § 2 (part), 2010).