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A. Rough Grading Prerequisites. The Technical Committee shall determine whether rough grading will be approved for a project. At a minimum, to obtain a Rough Grading Permit approval for a project all the following shall have been processed and have received approval:

1. Complete the first round of Coordinated Civil Review process.

2. SEPA review for the entire project completed (if required).

3. Clearing, grading and temporary erosion control construction plans.

4. Resolution of all project feasibility issues (i.e., required off-site easements, significant utility design issues, etc.).

B. Rough Grading Application. Upon completion of the prerequisites listed above, the following information shall be submitted, if applicable, for a rough grading application to be considered complete:

1. Rough grading drawings and supporting information stamped and signed by a professional civil engineer.

2. Clear identification of all work proposed under the rough grading application.

3. Clear identification of existing and proposed grades.

4. Clear identification of all areas that will be disturbed.

5. Identification of proposed quantity of earthwork.

6. Identification of proposed erosion control measures.

7. An erosion control plan designed in accordance with the Redmond Stormwater Technical Notebook and the Redmond Standard Specifications and Details.

8. Payment of the appropriate plan review fees.

9. Prior to issuance of Rough Grading Permits, acceptable site restoration assurance (bonding, cash deposits, etc., as specified by the Technical Committee) shall be posted with the City. (Ord. 3081 § 2, 2022; Ord. 2860 § 3 (part), 2016: Ord. 2532 § 2 (part), 2010: Ord. 2218 § 1, 2004).