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All clearing, grading or stormwater management construction activities listed below require approved plans and a permit(s). The thresholds are cumulative during a one-year period for any given site.

A. Clearing of 7,000 square feet of land area or more.

B. Earthwork of 50 cubic yards or more. This means any activity which moves 50 cubic yards of earth, whether the material is excavated or filled and whether the material is brought into the site, removed from the site, or moved around on the site.

C. Removal of 11 or more significant trees. The removal of 10 or fewer significant trees is regulated in Redmond Zoning Code Chapter 21.72.

D. Any clearing or grading within a critical area or buffer of a critical area. Critical areas are defined in Redmond Zoning Code Chapter 21.64, Critical Areas. Any disturbance to vegetation within critical areas and their corresponding buffers is also regulated by Redmond Zoning Code Chapter 21.64, Critical Areas. Note that under this chapter, a clearing/grading permit for work on steep slopes must first comply with RZC 21.76.070(E), Alteration of Geologic Hazard Areas.

E. Any change of the existing grade by four (4) feet or more. This criterion applies to all permanent changes in grade and grade changes for extended periods of time (sixty (60) days or longer) located outside structure footprints.

F. Any work within a native growth protection easement or area, a public easement, City-owned tract or City right-of-way. Any clearing, grading or landscaping must be approved by the Department of Public Works prior to construction.

G. The creation or addition of new, replaced or new plus replaced hard surfaces in the amount of 2,000 square feet or more. Hard surfaces include impervious surfaces (defined in RZC 21.78), green roofs and pervious pavement.

H. Any construction of public drainage facilities to be owned or operated by the City.

I. Any construction of private storm drainage pipes 12 inches in diameter or larger.

J. Any modification of, or construction which affects, a privately owned/operated flow control facility or runoff treatment facility. (Does not include maintenance or repair to the condition defined by previously approved plans.) (Ord. 3081 § 2, 2022; Ord. 2860 § 3 (part), 2016: Ord. 2596 § 2 (part), 2011; Ord. 2532 § 2 (part), 2010: Ord. 2218 § 1, 2004).