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The following regulations constitute general requirements of fire detection and alarm systems and supervisory and alarm requirements for buildings with automatic fire sprinklers. Specific requirements may be found in the Redmond Fire Department Standards, Redmond Fire Code, and NFPA 72.

Where required:

A. In structures with an approved fire sprinkler system.

Exception 1: Fire sprinkler system with 10 or less heads with the approval of the Fire Marshal.

Exception 2: One- and two-family dwellings per the International Residential Code.

B. Structures in Annexed Areas. Any structure with a gross area of 6,000 square feet or more annexed to the City shall install a fire detection system within one year from the date of annexation.

Exception: Single-family and multifamily residential occupancies.

C. Where required elsewhere by the Redmond Fire Code or the International Building Code. (Ord. 3124 § 2, 2023; Ord. 3121 § 2, 2023; Ord. 3008 § 2, 2020; Ord. 2957 § 8 (part), 2019: Ord. 2530 § 2 (part), 2010: Ord. 2357 § 1 (part), 2007: Ord. 2220 § 1, 2004).