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Before any application for the establishment of an assessment reimbursement area may be accepted by the Public Works Director, it shall be accompanied by the application fee specified in Section 12.10.070 of this chapter. The application shall include the following items:

A. Detailed construction plans and drawings of the entire street project, the costs of which are to be borne by the assessment reimbursement area, prepared and stamped by a licensed engineer;

B. Itemization of all costs of the street project including, but not limited to, design, grading, paving, installation of curbs, gutters, storm drainage, sidewalks, street lights, engineering, construction, property acquisition and contract administration;

C. A map and legal description identifying the proposed boundaries of the assessment reimbursement area and each separately owned parcel within such area. Such map shall identify the location of the street project in relation to the parcels of property in such area;

D. A proposed assessment reimbursement roll stating the proposed assessment for each separate parcel of property within the proposed assessment reimbursement area as determined by apportioning the total project cost on the basis of the benefit of the project to each parcel of property within said area;

E. A complete list of record owners of property within the proposed assessment reimbursement area certified as complete and accurate by the applicant which states names and mailing addresses for each such owner;

F. Envelopes addressed to each of the record owners of property within the assessment reimbursement area who has not contributed his pro rata share of such costs. Proper postage for registered mail shall be affixed or provided;

G. Copies of executed deeds and/or easements in which the applicant is the grantee for all property necessary for the installation of such street project. (Ord. 1474 § 1 (part), 1989).