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A. The municipal judge who hears traffic cases shall designate the specific offenses under this title in respect to which payments of bail may be accepted by the traffic violations bureau in satisfaction thereof, and shall specify by suitable schedules, the amount of such bails for first, second and subsequent offenses, provided such bails are within the limits declared by law or ordinance, and shall further specify the circumstances or conditions which will require an appearance before the court.

B. Any person charged with an offense for which payment of bail may be made to the traffic violations bureau shall have the option of forfeiting bail within the time specified in the citation and notice at the traffic violations bureau upon waiving appearance in court or such person may have the option of depositing the required lawful bail and shall be entitled to a trial as authorized by law. The posting of bail without making a specific request for trial shall be taken as and shall constitute an election to forfeit such bail and waive appearance in court.

C. The bureau, upon accepting the prescribed bail, shall issue a receipt to the alleged violator, which receipt shall bear a legend informing him of the legal consequences of bail forfeiture.

D. The bureau shall transfer daily to the Clerk of the proper department of the court all bail posted for offenses where forfeiture is not authorized by court order, as well as copies of all receipts, and shall obtain from the Clerk a receipt for all bail so transferred to the court. (Ord. 304 § 122, 1963).